These 6 habits can kill your love life

When things go wrong in a relationship, our attitudes and behaviors are often to blame. These situations can relate to anything, your work life, your social circle, and even your bedroom habits. Yes, bedroom clothes.

In an ideal world, the bedroom should function as a haven for the couple as they leave the outside world at its doors. But this rarely happens. Life with its never-ending demands finds a way to enter your bedroom, which is actually meant to be a sacred area, for you and your partner. Whether you’re replying to a couple of urgent work emails or the kids insisting on being with you, or a pet who won’t accept “no” for an answer – your bedroom becomes a war zone, rather than a Garden of Eden.

And although you may not realize it, it is affecting your love life. To warn you about such self-destructive behaviors that can fatally damage your relationship with your partner, we’ve put together a list of 6 common bedtime habits that can kill your love life.

here they are:
1. Have daily meetings with your partner before bed
The den is not where you discuss who is supposed to pick up the kids after school or who has to pay the bills. In fact, these meetings, which are meant to discuss the logistics of your daily life, doom a romance, if they often find their way into your bedroom.

We understand that in order to function smoothly as a unit you need to hash out such details, but would we suggest setting aside 20 minutes before or after dinner to do so? This way, you can schedule your day without spending the romantic time.

2. Spend more time on your phone than your partner
There’s nothing more annoying than your partner’s refusal to admit that you’re in bed, because they’re too caught up in a game on their phone or because they’re too busy browsing Instagram. This is also counterproductive when you want to spend time with them between the sheets. Instead, we suggest you keep your phone out of the bedroom or if you’re using it as an alarm clock, turn on Airplane mode so you don’t get distracted.

3. Make your bedroom become a playground for your kids or pets
It’s a good idea to let your kids climb into bed with you, if they’re feeling down or if they just want a good snuggle, every now and then. After all, they are children. But don’t make it a habit. And as much as you allow your pet to go to bed, you are not only an irresponsible partner by doing so, but you are also an irresponsible parent. Make the bedroom a no pets area.

4. Make the bedroom your own office
Your partner isn’t your roommate, and you want to associate your bedroom, the one place only the two of you are meant to be, with thoughts of romance and intimacy. If you start answering emails on your laptop every night or decide to give PowerPoint presentations in bed, that aura is no longer there. If you must answer emails in another room, but try to leave your job at the door.

5. Leave the bedroom to be cluttered
While this certainly isn’t a sermon about hygiene, if you have piles of laundry, and dirty dishes piling up in a corner of the bedroom, it’s not likely to set the mood, right?
Forgetting to be lucky, it may actually lead to a discussion with your partner about why you are not cooperating with the chores.

Isromance Killer Mess. You will do good by cleaning up your actions in the bedroom. Now, that can definitely score some brownie points!

6. Catch up on the news in bed
We all feel the need to catch up on the stories of the day and find out everything we’ve missed, but this habit of ours does us no favors with our partners. Your bedtime is “couple” time, when you can spend a few moments in a quiet intimate relationship. Reading about traumatic events can upset you, and it can get in the way of having a good time.
If you want to feel close to your partner, we suggest you try to catch up on the news in the morning.

These seemingly harmless habits can dampen your love life. Now that we’ve created this primer for you, be aware of these habits and don’t let them get in the way of your love life. We don’t have to explain it, but it sure pays to be attentive in the bedroom. Happy bosom, lovebirds!

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